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      Address:Fuzhou jinanou even pan ban Road No. 141

      Pretreatment equipment
      Location:Home-Product- Pretreatment equipment

      Intelligence Hydraulic lifting Beating machine 400

      ① This machine is a new generation of intelligent hydraulic lifting beating machine

      ② Siemens automatic control data communication system is adopted

      ③ It can intelligently store a variety of formulas, save beating time and labor cost

      ④ Man machine dialogue operation mode, frequency control

      ⑤ Schneider brand is used for electrical switches / buttons


      Customer factory real beat

      Technical parameter



      Main material

      304 stainless steel +45# steel plate

      Voltage / frequency


      Main drive motor power

      37KW (East Fujian Motor)

      Hydraulic power station power


      Frequency converter

      45KW (Ying Weiteng)

      Electric appliance / switch

      Schneider / SIEMENS

      Double layer bucket

      Diameter 1070mm; depth 800mm


      Inner thickness 6mm and outer thickness 1.5mm


      Insulation: polyurethane foam

      The highest point of hydraulic lifting



      400KG/ barrel / times



      Shape size


      Configuration profile

      One, material

      1. the base + lifting skeleton is welded by 16mm thickness 45# steel.

      The 2. plates are made of 304 stainless steel 1.5mm plates.

      3. barrel: inner layer 6mm304 stainless steel; outer 1.5mm304 stainless steel oil grinding wire drawing fine plate;

      4. clad plates are 1.5 thick and 304 oil grinder

      Two. Main control drive

      1. motor: 37KW (Level 6 horizontal motor) in East Fujian;

      2. frequency converter: 45KW heavy load frequency converter;

      3. main control: the use of SIEMENS programmable control system;

      4. electric / switch: Schneider /MW

      5. control mode: touch screen + button switch

      Three. Hydraulic system (still on)

      1. Fujian famous enterprises, specialized in hydraulic system and cylinder system for nearly 15 years, have the advantages of professionalism, stability and durability.

      2. adopt a hydraulic station and four oil cylinders independent control unit.

      The 3. cylinder adopts Taiwan joint venture brand, and the material is 304 stainless steel.

      Comprehensive introduction: 

      This product is made of SUS304 stainless steel shell, 16 thick inner core of main lift, 16 thick steel plate welding, double layer of bucket, polyurethane foam filling and insulation mode, the temperature of the slurry in the bucket is not easy to rise, so that the slurry produced in the bucket is more effective and can play various kinds of pulp and fish products. Meat products, with 55kW heavy load frequency converter hydraulic lifting automatic feeding, discharging function, simple operation, easy to use, reasonable design, work safety, appearance beautiful and generous, according to the user needs to customize a variety of different specifications of the beating machine.

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